Combining the concepts of therapy and style, silver ring splints can help fingers with damaged joints and provide a benefit that few other medical devices can boast.



We manufacture finger splints right here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Custom silver rings are less bulky and more durable than thermoplastic ring splints. With a doctor’s prescription they are covered under your 3rd party health insurance benefits plan.






Joint instability is caused by changes in the alignment of ligaments due to disease or joint destruction. This changes the mechanics of the joint and creates a loss of support and decrease in power. Ring splints stabilize the finger and control the movement of the joint in its normal range.


Swelling and pain are precursors to joint instability, so if you notice you’re starting to have these symptoms in your hands, tell your doctor you’d like to have an occupational therapist or certified hand therapist evaluate your hands and advise you about the benefits of a ring splint.